Choose the No.1 Manufacturer in Taiwan and the simplest operation system in the world

We design our machines to be simple and focus on what’s most important for plastic producers who are looking for an easy and stable operation.

POLYSTAR. Recycling Made Simple

About Polystar

Headquartered in Taiwan, POLYSTAR has focused on user-friendliness of its machines through continuous re-engineering, making recycling extremely “Simple” for its users – Easy operation and maintenance is what makes POLYSTAR the No.1 selling recycling machine today.

Over the past 30 years, more than thousands of POLYSTAR recycling machines have helped worldwide plastic producers to reprocess their post-industrial (in-house) waste back into high quality pellets in a simple and easy way.

ABA and Twin head Blown Film Extrusion

POLYSTAR’s blown film extrusion division focuses specifically on ABA 3 layer and various types of mono layer blown film extrusion machines. Our ABA line allows bag producers to use a high percentage of recycled material or CaCO3 in the middle layer of the film, which significantly reduces material cost while producing stronger film with higher resistance.

POLYSTAR’s twin (two) head blown film machine is very popular amongst bag producers of T-shirt, supermarket, flat, garbage and bottom-sealed bags (ranges from 200~600mm in width, in HDPE and LDPE). This high speed line provides a much faster return on investment comparing to a blown film machine equipped with IBC. In the double head blown film machines, one can reach much higher output even when producing at small film width. It is the perfect choice for bag makers who are looking for less expensive machines with higher output and good film quality.

Proven Success

More than 3,886 machines have been installed since 1988. Satisfied customers in 103 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East & America. Cooperates with small, medium-sized companies to industrial leaders. 170 Recycling machines have been sold to date since K show (Germany) in 2016. More than 300% growth in revenue since 2013